Joanne Gleason
RN, CHNP, CNHP, Wellness Coach
Bachelor Science Holistic Nutrition
Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner CHNP
Certified Natural Health Practitioner CNHP

I am committed to educating and coaching people to wellness with information about diet, exercise, detoxification, and supplements.

I distribute high grade supplements from companies that have a proven track record for quality and effectiveness sold exclusively to health care practitioners. There will also be educational books, booklets, eBooks, and DVDs available (Coming Soon!).

I always recommend that you be a self advocate for wellness, researching your issues and products thoroughly prior to implementing a program.

I advise checking with your primary health care provider prior to starting a new supplement, eating or exercise program.

10% of profits will be given to missions with a focus on nutrition and health. Thank you to those serving our country in the military!

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